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Planet Mining

Asteroid Mining

Resources can be collected from asteroids that orbit the sun in many systems, these are sources of valuable resources and the mining vessels can be linked to a local space base to offload the mined resource.

Asteroids are split up into 3 size categories (Not found the exact cross over yet, numbers are rough estimate based on observations.)

Small = 0-25 Million

Medium = 25-70 Million

Large = 70+ Million

The larger the size of the asteroid the higher the mining rate will be, for example a constructor will have a mining rate of 170 for a small Bonatium asteroid, 210 for a medium Bonatium asteroid and 280 for a large Bonatium asteroid . The mining rate can be further increased by using a more efficient miner with the final increase depending upon the type of resource being mined.

Yield Increase
Common Uncommon
Constructor 0 0
Vibz 66.66% 66.66%
ARX 733.33% 574%

For example a ARX mining the same Bonatium asteroids would see a mining rate of 1416 for a small, 1750 for a medium and 2333 for a large.

Resource Type Small Medium Large
Bonatium Common 170 210 280
Copper Common 170 210 280
Iron Common 170 210 280
Tritium Common
Uranium Common 170 210 280
Silver Uncomon 1416
Gold Uncomon