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GlobalOverview copie.jpg

  1. Selection Window : This window show your actual selected units.
  2. Selection Information : Show the name of the selected unit, and the actual status.
  3. Unit specifications : Show the Shield, Energy consumed or generated, storage capabilities, etc...
  4. System Coordinates : Show the actual Region, and System name.
  5. Unit owner : Show the name and the guild of the owner selected unit.
  6. Global menu : From here you can list your environment units, show galaxy informations, build, research, and more.
  7. Social buttons : Show the chat window and mail system.
  8. Zoom out : depending of your actual view, you can use it to see space, tactical view, galaxy view, etc...
  9. Money : Show you actual money.
  10. Actions buttons : Depending on the unit (or planet) selected, you can perform actions from here.
  11. Time : Actual time zone.
  12. Zoom in : Like Zoom out, you can ... Zoom in.
  13. Tactical selections : You can from here, group units and manage squads.